The Academy holds the Use of Organic Food to Treat Diabetes (Type 2) Workshop

The Academy holds the Use of Organic Food to Treat Diabetes (Type 2) Workshop

25 October, 2009

in October 2009, The Academy, in cooperation with the Italian organization Un Punto Macrobiotico (UPM), organized a workshop on the use of organic food to treat diabetes (type 2). This workshop was held at the Red Crescent society headquarters in Al Biereh, Ramallah with representations from both, the Palestinian ministry of health and the ministry of Agriculture. 

Mr. Giovanni Bargnesi, UPM general secretary explained the success stories after the implementation of this project in different countries and gave presentations on how the organization developed and grew. A cook, from Italy (UPM) accompanying Mr. Bargnesi cooked samples of the food and all the attendance had the chance to try some. 
There were also two presentations, one from Dr. Faisal Abdel Latif from the ministry of health regarding diabetes in Palestine and the second presentation from Mr. Sami Musa from the ministry of Agriculture regarding cultivating organic seeds in Palestine and the chances for the success of the planting. 

At the end of the workshop all three parties, the Academy, ministry of health and the ministry of Agriculture emphasized on working together in implementing this project together with UPM. Also the Academy was invited by UPM to attend and participate in several meetings and conferences to discuss the opportunity and challenges to implement this program and to spread the principles of a healthier and more balanced diet in Palestine, so the Academy participated in the upcoming meetings and conferences


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