PGSB Sponsors the second PGSB workshop on algae - wastewater research

PGSB Sponsors the second PGSB workshop on algae - wastewater research

13 November, 2019

Palestine Polytechnic University PPU and Bethlehem University BU, in cooperation with Juelich Research Center FZJ, and coordination with the Academy, organized the second PGSB workshop on algae - wastewater research from 11-14 November, 2019 at Palestine museum of natural history (PMNH) - Bethlehem University. 

This workshop is sponsored and executed under the frame of Palestine German Science Bridge (PGSB) Program, which aims to develop joint research and education programs, coordinated and implemented by the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) and Juelich Research Center (FZJ), and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Scientific Research BMBF.

The workshop focused on using freshwater algae for wastewater treatment and biomass production, three experts from the Plant sciences- Institute of Bio- and Geosciences at Juelich research center in Germany, Dr. Ladislav Nedbal, Dr. Silvia Schrey and Dr. Dean Calahan in addition to Dr. Rami Arafeh from Palestine- Korea Biotechnology Center at Palestine Polytechnic University, have held a series of theoretical lectures and practical sessions to the attendees  from different Palestinian Universities and institutions and introduced them to recent developments in algal culture and utilization for wastewater treatment. 
This workshop has provided a platform for academics, researchers, and students from various Palestinian universities to present their research in the fields of algae uses (biomass production and wastewater treatment).  

This activity aimed: 

  • Training Palestinian students and researchers on topic related to algae cultivation, biomass production, analysis and water analysis, how to the use of algae to close the nutrient cycle.
  • Producing of low cost algae turf scrubber (ATS) system and study the effect of Palestine geography/climate on ATS productivity and compare it with other experiments in the world.
  • Studying wastewater issue in Palestine, obstacles and opportunities and how to close the nutrient cycle using algae. 

During the workshop, attendees have sampled freshwater algal strains and identified them under light microscope.

A further follow up between the two partners will be implemented, and they agreed to form a Palestinian research cluster through the PGSB umbrella, that will aims to examine closely, diagnose and monitor the status of the algal culture and utilization for wastewater treatment in Palestine. 


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