Dr. Moayed Almobaied

Dr. Moayed Almobaied

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
Islamic University of Gaza

Department: Electrical Engineering Dept.

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

Specialization:  Control and Automation

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology

Host university: Université du Québec en Outaouais

Host Department: Département d’informatique et d’ingénierie

Canadian Partner: Prof. Shamsodin Taheri

Research Domain:  Control System –Power Electronics

Research Project Title:  Design of an efficient energy harvesting system for smart-grid connection based on piezoelectric technology

Research Project Purpose: 

  • Developing a novel Piezoelectric-Based Energy-Harvesting unit for pedestrians and cars.
  • Designing, construction, and development of the power electronic units needed to make maximum use of the energy produced by the piezoelectric units and designing of units required for smart-Grid connection.
  • Providing a comparative study of the results on real world scenario.
  • Publishing the research results in high quality refereed journals and in proceedings of highly reputed, refereed international conferences.
  • We believe that links between the Islamic University of Gaza and the University of Quebec Outaouais will be strengthened by these kind of visits.

Expected Results:

  • The project will set up a benchmark for exploit the unutilized energy of moving persons and traffic which expected to has an effective contribute to sustainable sources of energy field. 
  • The evaluation of proposed Piezoelectric-Based Energy-Harvesting unit is notoriously difficult in that it should be compared to the other contributions in this field. However, we will verify and validate the proposed one as a simulation comparative study using suitable software programs, e.g. MATLAB\SIMULINK and LTSPICE.
  • We intend to publish the outcome of this fellowship in high quality refereed international conferences and journals in this field.
  • This mission influences the kinds of research partnerships universities can form.