The Academy Holds Science Bridges Annual Meeting

The Academy Holds Science Bridges Annual Meeting

9 February, 2019

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (The Academy) held its annual meeting to discuss its two Science Bridge Projects implemented, respectively, in cooperation with Juelich Center in Germany and the Fonds de Recherche du Québec, Canada.
The meeting discussed the respective drafts of the two projects and their implementation plans in 2019; unanimously agreeing on the following:

  • Forming a committee to evaluate the developmental and scientific impact that both projects have achieved so far.
  • Forming a second committee to review the criteria upon which scholarships to German and Canadian universities are awarded.
  • Forming a third committee to prepare a code of conduct for scholarship beneficiaries to follow in their host countries.

On another note, the meeting discussed preparations for a visit to Palestine, next April, by a delegation from Juelich Center and the German Ministry of Science, to hold the fourth cooperation workshop within the Palestinian-German Science Bridge, and to hold networking event gathering German and Palestinian researchers with the objective to form research groups paving the way for joint scientific ventures in different fields of knowledge.
The Academy briefed the attendees on its varying activities such as founding Scientific Clusters/Societies for different fields of science; of which it has already founded the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Botany and Prevention Committees. 
In the same context, The Academy elaborated on its future plans to found three new committees in 2019; The Palestinian Committee for Data Science, the Palestinian Committee for Neuroscience, the Palestinian Committee for Simulation Science.
The Academy also briefed the attendees on its visit to France, in January 2019, aiming at founding the Palestinian-French Science Bridge, similar to the German and Quebecer Bridges.