The Academy organizes the Palestinian Biological Society expanded meeting

The Academy organizes the Palestinian Biological Society expanded meeting

7 May, 2019

The Academy, in coordination with the Palestinian Biological Society (PBS), organized the Palestine Biology and Life Sciences expanded meeting on May 4, 2019, in Ramallah and Gaza via videoconference

The event was held under the theme "Reality, Challenges and Horizons of Life Sciences in Palestine".

The meeting was attended by a group of academics from Palestinian universities and professionals and experts working in the field of life sciences in public and private sectors. The meeting addressed the academic issues related to the field, the reality and main challenges of life science education and research in Palestine, as well as issues related to employment and the future of youth and graduates, while putting forth a work plan for advancing the field.

Prof. Marwan Awartani, Minister of Education and Academy President, commenced the meeting by welcoming the attendees in Ramallah and Gaza, and emphasized that this meeting came within the framework of the ongoing efforts by the Academy to establish or reactivate existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific societies in the various fields, to promote and maximize the role of science and scientific research in economic and human development. 

Dr. Omar Hamarsheh, PBS coordinator, explained that the meeting was expanded after several preparatory meetings held by the Society Founding Council to launch the Society, gave an overview of its objectives, and reviewed the main items in the proposed bylaws. 

In turn, Dr. Sharaf Al Tardeh and Dr. Nehad Al Yazji of the Founding Council, presented the results of their paper on "The Reality and Prospects of Life Sciences in Palestine", which showed a good research activity in the field in Palestine relative to other countries.

Other members of the Founding Council, Dr. Hilal Zaid  and Dr. Kamal Al Kahlout, outlined the Society's executive plan, which includes holding a conference in biology and life science in the first semester of the next academic year. Drs. Ghadeer Omar and Saleh Mwafi continued on the discussion of the executive plan, statute and other related issues of interest to the Society.

Additionally, Heba Zaqout, of Save Youth Future Society (SYFS), spoke about the nature of her organization's work and how it helps young people to engage and get into the job market. 


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