Launch of the 8th Palestinian-German Science Bridge (PGSB) Call

Launch of the 8th Palestinian-German Science Bridge (PGSB) Call

6 February, 2023

The PGSB program, which aims to develop joint research and education programs, is coordinated and implemented by the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) and Juelich Research Center (FZJ), and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Scientific Research (BMBF).

PGSB has launched its 8th call for student thesis projects, please note that the PGSB is currently only offering funding for BSc. and MSc. projects. 

Project offers are updated continuously, so please check regularly. In case of interest, please contact the responsible scientist and/or the contact person for the research cluster (listed on the FZJ Website and in project offers).

The Call: Thesis project requests Call for BSc and MSc scholarships  (PDF)

Below are the 8th call documents for thesis project requests:

  1. For thesis project requests, as usual, focuses on possibilities within the current PGSB Project: information is available on FZJ’s webpage . For Student applicants, identify thesis project offers, by FZJ scientists  from the following link that will be updated.
  2. BSc and MSc students can approach the current Postdoctoral fellows in the Returner Program for advising.
  3. Students applicants can submit their application and upload all required documents by google form: Click here to apply 

Important dates and information:

  • Deadline for submission of BSc and MSc thesis projects is restricted to the date of 31 March 2023.   
  • Pre-selection of candidates by Juelich scientists will be notified to PALAST by 15 April 2023.
  • Approval will be on May 2023 by PGSB advisory committee.
  • As of 2023, priority will be given to funding BSc and MSc projects within approved PGSB research clusters, with some opportunities remaining for positions outside of research clusters. Students are encouraged to contact members of the research clusters to ask about additional opportunities, also you can have a look in depth on the accepted research cluster.
  • Detailed information about application guidelines are available in the call documents at at FZJ Website