Ministry of Education and Palestine Academy for S&T launch Palestine Astrophysics Program

Ministry of Education and Palestine Academy for S&T launch Palestine Astrophysics Program

26 November, 2022

Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology, at 7 p.m. today November 26 on Saturday virtually will launched the Palestine astrophysics program, and with the participation of Palestinian and Arab scholars. The program introduces some concepts of science and mathematics to school students (14-16 years old), in a simplified and interesting way to fuel their interest and passion in various fields of science, technology and mathematics.

The program consists of 11 scientific units with 19 hybrid meetings that include exposure, education, excitement, and experimentation in the new space science in an adaptive manner based on the knowledge of this age range. The program with its modern and varied tools deals with the theories of trigonometry and Newton's laws in physics (science), telescoping (engineering), computer software, and simulation (technology) to understand stars' life and the emergence of the universe. Besides, it enables them to participate in a planetarium construction project or take a picture of a star or nebula in the form of a beautiful rose to let students explore the formation of the universe. 

The first package of the activities is the basics of the history of astronomy and the role of Arab and Muslim scientists in its renaissance, during which students will listen to scientific presentations about the formation of the universe. In addition, they will be introduced to instrument called Astarlab, which is nowadays known as the iPhone of the 13th century, due to its accuracy that competes with modern technical devices. Besides, they will also learn the physics of the electromagnetic spectrum and how to make a telescope on their own by which to monitor an astronomical phenomenon, also, an astronomer will take them on a journey to look at the sky and draw it. They will also be invited after half of the meetings to a conference where they will talk about what they expected from the program, what they learned, and their expectations for the second package. 

A teacher's guide and experimental activities will be prepared for students at each educational meeting, besides, scientific and educational observations will be documented to prepare an integrated scientific curriculum after the end of all activities under the supervision of national and international experts, for a program that suits all generations and countries and achieving sustainable educational goals. 

A group of Arab scientists in astrophysics participated in the program, which was formulated by Professor Raed Suliman from Harvard University.

Link to enter the episode:  or through the live broadcast via the Ministry of Education "Facebook" page.