PYA and PALAST host the Seminar on possible Scientific Cooperation with AGYA

PYA and PALAST host the Seminar on possible Scientific Cooperation with AGYA

13 June, 2021

On June, 9th Palestine Young Academy (PYA) with the support of PALAST Academy have hosted its first webinar focused on the importance of the scientific cooperation with europe & the east. The webinar session included the PYA sharing its aims to provide a platform for young Palestinian researchers to build new bridges and relationships with Arab and international scientific institutions, by encouraging them to engage in multidisciplinary research projects, and avenues for cooperation and participation in future projects. In that regard, AGYA has discussed its scientific programs & workshops implemented and offered by Arab German Young Academy AGYA and the possible collaborations. 
The webinar was opened by Dr. Sandy Lama, PYA Chairwoman, who started by welcoming the guests and participants and provided the agenda of the webinar session, then followed that with presenting detailed introduction about Palestine Young Academy (PYA) . Interesting to mention that the establishment of Palestine Young Academy was in December 2019 as an independent initiative with the support of PALAST in order to stimulate ideas that connect Palestinian scientists and enhance the capabilities of the academic community and young academics in Palestine and abroad. Dr. Lama stressed that the missions of PYA are to provide a voice for young Palestinian researchers in Palestine and the diaspora and to building  bridges between policy-makers, academics and the rest of the Palestinians through initiating a policy-dialogue strategy. She also illustrated the objectives and visions of the academy. 

Then the session was opened for the keynote guest speaker by Arab German Young Academy AGYA Co-chair, Dr. Maha Nasr. The presentation was enriching and useful for researchers. In which she informed the audience about AGYA's Academy and its activities with various Arab countries and Germany, how to join the Academy, the projects performed by the Arab-German Young Academy, the support/ funding available to it and its cooperation with the universities and institutions from various fields. 
In the end, the presentation was followed by a Q&A session, which was supervised by Dr. Thabat Al-Khatib, one of the members of the Executive Commitee & co-founders of PYA.


We alongside to our participants were influenced by Dr. Maha Nasr with her advice to individuals and the academy alike. She as well has expressed her happiness to receive our invitation and be amongst PYA. Moreover, she showed her openness to future cooperation, not only with AGYA, but also with the rest of the academies in which she is enrolled in as a member. 

Hence, The PYA thanks Dr. Nasr and wishes her a continued excellence and success in her scientific career, and we look forward to building bridges of cooperation between the two academies. 

This informative meeting was attended by approximately 20 Researchers from various Palestinian universities and Institutions, and are therefore thanked to have joined and made this webinar  an interactive one.