Dr. Aymen M. Elsous

Dr. Aymen M. Elsous

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
Ministry of Health & Israa University

Faculty: Medical sciences

Specialization: Health Policy

FRQ research area: Health Sciences

Host university: Montreal University, School of Public health

Canadian partner: Prof. Marie-Pascale Pomey

Research domain: Health policy

Research project title: Patient-centered care between Canada and Palestine: learning from experiences

Research project purpose:Patient-centered care focuses on patients and particular healthcare needs. It encourages shared decision-making and promote active collaboration between patients and providers to shape the comprehensive care plan. Success of this approach requires health care providers to develop good communication skills and address patients' needs effectively. The research project aims to improve the experience and quality of care for patients receiving treatment for breast cancer and colon cancer. This is a comparative study between two countries; Palestine and Canada.

The first phase is prepared to achieve the following objectives

  1. To investigate the importance of the eight dimensions of PCC according to point views of healthcare professions work in oncology department. 
  2. To examine provision of PCC practice.

These objectives are intended to answer two questions: 

  1. Do Palestinian and Canadian physician and nurses work in oncology department perceive differently the importance of PCC components? 
  2. Is there difference in PCC practice among Palestinian and Canadian hospitals providing care for patients undergo treatment for breast and colon?

The second phase aims to determine specific needs (physical, social and psychological) for patients diagnosed with breast and colon cancer in Canada and Palestine.

Expected results

  1. Ensure effective collaboration between Palestinian and Quebecian health researchers
  2. Explore PCC different regimens or examples applied in secondary care settings and in oncology particularly
  3. Write policy brief with evidence on the importance of PCC in improving patient satisfaction, safety and patient outcomes
  4. Initiate policy dialogue with decision maker at MoH level to make such necessary reform in the health services system toward adoption of PCC model