Dr. Mohammed Othman

Dr. Mohammed Othman

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
An-Najah National University

Department: Industrial Engineering Department

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Specialization: Industrial Engineering

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology

Host university: Polytechnique de Montreal

Host Department: Department of Mathematical and Industrial Engineering

Canadian Partner: Prof. Michel Gendreau

Research Domain: Operations Research

Research Project Title: Integrating Drivers Differences into Green Waste Collection Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

Research Project Purpose: The aim of this research is to develop a mathematical green VRP model that incorporates the different drivers’ fatigue to reduce the likelihood of a crash and route duration and total logistics costs.

Expected results:

  • The outcome will be a VRP model that optimizes the routes for collecting different wastes by incorporating the routing decisions, drivers’ differences in term of driving indices and fatigue rates to reduce the risk, cost, time and maximize the alertness level of the drivers.
  • The model will be validated and sensitivity analysis will be conducted.
  • The results will be compared with the existing results in the literature.
  • The main findings of this research will be published in a top-tier journal.