Ms. Bayan Khalaf, PhD researcher

Ms. Bayan Khalaf, PhD researcher

PQSB 3rd Call Participant
An-Najah National University

Department: Department of Chemistry

Faculty: Faculty of Graduate Studies

Specialization: Analytical and Physical Chemistry

FRQ Research Area: Natural Sciences and Technology

Host university: Concordia University

Host Department: Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Canadian Partner: Dr. Saifur Rahaman

Research Domain: Water Purification

Research Project Title: Purification of Water from Persistent Pesticides using new Synthesized Cellulose Nanomembranes

Research Project Purpose:The purpose of this research is to develop new synthesized Nanomembranes of Cellulose based derivatives modified with several suitable chemical reagents in order to remove different persistent pesticides from water to drinkable degree. 

Expected Results: Modifying a New and efficient technique for purifying water from toxic pesticides.