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Palestine has a large expatriate community of scholars and innovators who can make significant contributions to the advancement of science, research, technology and innovation in Palestine, and support our national efforts to build a resilient, thriving and sustainable Palestine. For this purpose, the Academy launched a multifaceted initiative that involves outreach to expatriate scientists and scholars, and organizing and hosting of short to medium term visits to Palestine.

Fellow expatriate scholars are invited to make scholarly visits to Palestine for teaching or research purpose. The Academy, in close coordination with universities and research centers, will be happy to organize these visits including short courses, research seminars, sabbaticals, summer/winter schools.

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The role of expatriate scientists may expand to include the following

  • Offering postgraduate scholarship opportunities for outstanding students from Palestine
  • Developing joint research projects and helping leverage various sources of funding
  • Helping to establish bridges of bilateral scientific collaboration between Palestine and relevant institutions in their countries of residence
  • Providing Palestinian researchers with access to research facilities and resources that are not currently available at home
  • Inviting expatriate scholars to offer expert opinion on certain issues and challenges that fall within their general area of expertise 
  • Supporting the growth of Palestinian scientific societies and playing a proactive role in creating partnerships and collaborative schemes between them and their international counterparts
  • Playing a lead role in the creation of specialized research centers and institutes 
  • Providing our young scientists and innovators with mentoring, coaching opportunities and other technical or financial resources 
  • Engaging expatriate experts in relevant private sector R&D and research commercialization initiatives 
  • Assisting the Academy in the election of Academy fellows and in the selection of winners of the various Academy Award categories.

In pursuing its objectives, the Academy will collaborate and synchronize its efforts with fellow universities, government agencies and R&D centers.

Khaled Hourani, The Road to Jerusalem, 2009.

Initiatives by Expatriate Scholars

Winter Symposium on Simulation Science

Conceived by Prof. Carlo Sansour, the first annual Symposium on Simulation-based Science and Engineering was successfully conducted Ramallah in March of 2019, as a stepping stone towards establishing a National Simulation Science and Technology Research Hub.

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Palestinian German Science Bridge

Designed by Prof. Ghaleb Natour, the bridge provides Palestinian researchers with opportunities to partake in cutting-edge research at Jülich Research Center, Germany, and contribute to developing new PhD programs and science and technology infrastructure in Palestine.

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Summer Symposium on Nanotechnology

A collaboration with Prof. Munir Nayfeh, the first annual multi-day symposium was held in Ramallah in June 2019, titled "Towards establishing advanced materials and nano-technology research in Palestine”, laying the ground for establishing a national nanotechnology cluster.

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Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative

Founded by Dr. Mohammad Herzallah, the Initiative encompasses research and training in cognitive and molecular neuroscience, and neuro -genetics, -pharmacology and -psychiatry. It aims to build the infrastructure for neuroscience research in Palestine.

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Interested fellow scholars are invited to join the Academy’s Palestinian Scientists and Experts Database (PSEDB).

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