The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), implemented the EU funded project SwitchMed TEST II in Palestine (Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology in the Southern Mediterranean Region). SwitchMed TEST II aimed at stimulating the demand and supply of sustainable production services to Food industries in the SWITCH-Med project countries, which include, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Algeria, Lybia, and Syria.

That was achieved by demonstrating to industry the business case for more sustainable production, and by strengthening the local markets of service providers. A network of national institutions and service providers in the Region received training and gained hands-on experience in the implementation of integrated environmental management approaches (TEST) in industry. Moreover, during the MED TEST II implementation, policy makers was exposed to these lessons and this technology too, so that they can build that knowledge and those opportunities into their policy-making process.


Fact Sheets & Publications

SwitchMed TEST II resulted in a number of improvements and notable progress in the methodologies and the mechanism of work in the various companies it targeted. Below are the factsheets that summarize this progress, in addition to the project publications


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