Palestinian Chemical Society

Historical perspective

The Palestinian Chemical Society (PCS) was established during the second Palestinian International Chemistry Conference at AlQuds University in 1995, headed by Dr. Khaled Canaan. The society aimed to develop knowledge and education of chemical sciences through framing collaborations between chemists in Palestine, and between Palestinian chemists and counterparts in Arab and foreign countries. Some of  its activities included Palestinian universities faculty meetings and meetings with other relevant organizations, scientific conferences, and scientific exhibitions and joint research aimed at enriching university-industry partnerships. The Society held its 8th Palestinian International Chemistry Conference in 2015 at An Najah National University, Nablus, themed "Chemical Sciences Towards Knowledge Based Economy", to discuss the latest research in chemistry for the development of local and global industries, related to applied environmental, industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical chemistry.

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The Palestinian Chemical Society organized the IX. Palestinian International Chemistry Conference (1-2 November 2019) at Bethlehem University

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