Palestinian Plant Production and Protection Society

The Palestinian Plant Production and Protection Society (PPPPS) was established in 2018 under the umbrella of the Academy, with the general objective of promoting agricultural sciences centered around plant production and protection in Palestine, and to maximize its role in the development of agricultural sector.

The Society aims to 

  • Increase farmers and workers' knowledge and capacity in the agriculture field
  • Hold conferences, workshops, seminars and scientific activities related to agricultural sciences
  • Encourage applied scientific research, innovation, dissemination of outputs and promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Identify the urgent challenges and problems in the national and strategic dimensions, and work to intensify efforts in order to provide
  • Identify success stories and national strengths and excellence to build on, in order to reach a leading role in the global community
  • Contribute to the preparation and development of plant production and plant protection methods and educational curricula for all stages of learning and formation of expertise
  • Promote scientific and academic exchange between local institutions
  • Network and cooperation with other similar associations in the world based on local needs and common interests
  • Identify and provide different funding resources in a sustainable manner
  • Identify talented and creative young people in the field, and provide them with graduate opportunities in prestigious universities
  • Recognize the endeavours of pioneers and innovators in the field, and establish scientific excellence awards on based on specific  and systematic criteria