A seminar on the Topic : High-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells


Invitation for Seminar on High-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells

Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) will host a PhD Student, Mohammed Jaber, who got a Palestinian-German Science Bridge (PGSB) scholarship in 2019, the researcher at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research IEK-5 (Photovoltaics) at Juelich Research Center (Forschungszentrum Jülich FZJ) in Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Uwe Rau and Dr. Stefan Haas from IEK-5 at FZJ and Dr. Abdelrahim Abusafa from An-Najah National University/Faculty Of Engineering.

 Mohammed Jaber will give a seminar on the Topic

“High-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells”

on 19 Feb 2020 at Academy premises, Ramallah-Al Masayef area, Emile Toma street 11.

This Seminar will provide a platform for academics, researchers, and interested students from various Palestinian universities to understand the approaches of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells. Indeed, the solar cells are the most common way to convert sunlight energy into electricity directly.

The first solar cell had been presented to the world from Bell Laboratories, with a 6% conversion efficiency. Later on, the benchmark of solar cell efficiency started increasing, as a result of increasing the knowledge about semiconductor material, especially the silicon element (Si). A trade-off between efficiency and cost of solar cells play a key role in a photovoltaic (PV) industry. High-efficiency solar cells concept is working on minimizing the losses that occur within the cell (e.g. optical and electrical losses).

The Academy welcome your attendance