Med-Dialogue project


The concept of this project that was a cooperation with Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) in the European Framework Programs has a long history, both in the ICT domain and most other thematic areas. However, given the size of the region and the number of universities and research organizations, the number of collaborative projects has remained on a rather modest level. The dialogue on the European Commission level (DG Research & Innovation) with the MPC is well established through the Monitoring Committee and their annual meetings, but ICT as a topic for cooperation has been rather neglected, although its importance as an enabling technology has been recognized throughout the region. ICT is often not seen as a primary research field, in most MPCs there are ministries for scientific research on the one hand and ministries for IT or communication on the other. The same division exists in the EC, DG InfSoc (now DG Connect) for the ICT area and DG Research & Innovation for all other areas. Hence it is not a surprise that the many support activities funded in the INCO section of the Capacities Program never had a main focus on ICT.

 The MED-Dialogue project aims to bridge this gap by supporting the dialogue between the European Commission and strategic partner countries and regions, and to foster cooperation with strategic third country organizations in collaborative ICT Research and Innovation both within the EU's Framework Programs (FP7, Horizon 2020) and under relevant third country programs.



The objectives of Med-Dialogue project  are to bring together 7 MPC organizations who are directly or indirectly involved in the elaboration of policies and on the promotion of the Research and Innovation cooperation locally and internationally, 4 EU partners experienced in Management and Strategy Consulting in the areas of Technology Research and Development, Industrial and Innovation Policies, mainstream IT Research and relevant Industrial applications, all of them highly experienced in the European Framework Programs, and Supported by an Advisory Group of more than 20 influential and knowledgeable stakeholders from the entire MPC region and aims to: 

  • Support through a flexible modular approach the Dialogue between EU and the Region in any form or structure, be that political, technical, formal, informal, by providing on demand customized timely input on all the aspects that the Horizon 2020 new concept may address
  • Raise awareness on the Horizon 2020 Calls and assist the organizations in the Region to prepare proposals and find partners in order to increase their participation in the Program
  • Support the EC in the preparation of future Horizon 2020 work-programs, by identifying the strengths and opportunities in the MPC (through the identified and validated ICT priorities) for mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Support the coordination of International Cooperation instruments in the MPC by exploiting synergies of running projects and make recommendations for future INCO activities in H2020



  • Reinforce the strategic partnerships with key third countries and regions in areas of mutual interest and added value in jointly addressing important issues through
  • Support the EU-MPC Dialogue with the relevant Position Papers on ICT Priorities, Policies and Developments. Providing access, through the MPC partner organizations and the Advisory Group to key stakeholders and decision makers, both on national levels and cross-regional level through AICTO and ESCWA
  • Identify the ICT priorities of mutual interest
  • Promote the identified strategic ICT priorities of mutual interest for uptake in the Horizon 2020 ICT work program as key areas for international cooperation and at the same time promoting them for uptake in the national ICT policies of the MPC in order to create a policy framework favorable towards supporting strategic partnerships with Europe
  • Promote the opportunities of collaboration in the new Horizon 2020 program through the MPC region to prepare and further enhance the knowledge of the researchers and developers that will enable them to participate in collaborative projects in Horizon 2020
  • Increase visibility for EU ICT R&D activities and research excellence


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