The Academy and Ministry of Education hosts Sir Venki, Nobel Laureate and President of the Royal Society UK

The Academy and Ministry of Education hosts Sir Venki, Nobel Laureate and President of the Royal Society UK

26 February, 2020

Palestine was honored to host Sir Vinky Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate in chemistry and President of the Royal Society UK,  two important meetings were held with HE the Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh and HE Minister Dr. Marwan Awartani, they discussed several scenarios for the possible research cooperation, among them is developing the education system in line with the needs of the labor market, focusing on joint research in line of national priorities at local level and at the international level, and introducing the concept of National Research Center that will serve the infrastructure for Palestinian Universities.
This visit came as a complement to the previous meetings that were held in Ramallah and Britain, for possible scientific cooperation between the two countries. 

A welcome meeting was held by HE Minister Dr. Marwan Awartani for Sir Vinky Ramakrishnan, and accompanying colleagues;  Andrew Allen, Director of International Affairs at Royal Society Uk, Martin Daltry and Caroline Khalaf from the British Consulate in Jerusalem.

HE Minister presented the status of the Palestinian education and the main challenges facing it. Followed by a discussion of several issues related to the Education system, and its relation to the labor market corresponding to the national priorities, and the role and engagement of scientific academies for creating sustainable and complementary development among all parties to build a knowledge-based economy.

An extended meeting followed with members of the PALAST advisory and steering committees, Palestinian universities presidents and deans of scientific research, members of the Scientific Societies (Physics, Mathematical, Chemical, Biological Sciences, Plant Production and Protection), young researchers, members of Palestine Youth Academy, and OWSD Palestine National Chapter.

Sir Vinky expressed his welcome to the meeting of Palestinian researchers, as the goal is to meet with research and technological institutions to transfer the image to the higher commission at the Royal Society UK and the possibility of discussing joint projects in several topics, the attendees welcomed any possible cooperation between the Academy as a national umbrella and the Royal Society, especially in joint projects or in the field of exchange Academics and researchers, and that there is the possibility of holding many meetings and hosting Palestinian researchers in Britain, by securing any possible opportunities for funding, as is the case of the successful models implemented by the academy, such as German-Palestinian cooperation and Palestinian Quebec cooperation, and the desire to reproduce these models and apply them in a similar way towards Palestinian-British cooperation despite the existing challenges.

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