The Academy Discusses Foundation of Math and Physics Societies

The Academy Discusses Foundation of Math and Physics Societies

26 October, 2018

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology held a workshop to discuss re-launching the Math and Physics Scientific Societies in Palestine.

In cooperation and partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Germany, and via video conference with Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, the launching workshop was kick-started by President of the Academy, Professor Marwan Awartani, who introduced the Academy as a state institution that defines national policies pertaining to science and technology, coordinates with the relevant stakeholders, follows through on specific initiatives related to scientists and researchers. 

Professor Awartani spoke about the importance of the Scientific Societies, their historic role in other countries, and their anticipated role in Palestine, stating that "the Academy seeks to institutionalize the roles and functions of the Scientific Societies and to ensure they have a active role in creating sustainable programs,  to be considered national priorities, and to ensure their participation in the development of science and technology, in Palestine."  

President of Al-Aqsa University, Kamal Al-Sharafi, moderating the discussion from Gaza, spoke about the vital role the to be played by the Scientific Societies, and the urgency to get them up and working as soon as possible.

The workshop participants gave suggestions for future activities, such as issuing newsletters and scientific publications, coordinating with specialists in Palestinian universities and benefiting from their relations toward international networking, participating in international conferences, and building a cooperation network.

The workshop recommended holding a monthly meeting convened and organized by the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, to gradually establish the physics and science society’s internal bylaws, membership and duties, as a model to be followed by future Scientific Societies that will be established gradually for other scientific specializations.