The Academy held PQSB Applicants Interviews

The Academy held PQSB Applicants Interviews

22 January, 2020

The Palestine Academy for Science and Technology (PALAST) and the Fonds de Recherche Du Quebec – Nature Et Technologies (FRQNT), Santé (FRQS), Société Et Culture (FRQSC) are pleased to announce the results of the 3rd call for the short-term research grant proposals in Quebec. As part of the scientific collaboration between researchers in Quebec and their counterparts in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, the Palestinian Quebec Science Bridge (PQSB) aims at promoting the international mobility of Palestinian researchers, especially early-career and junior researchers, and their counterparts in Quebec.

On Friday 17 January 2020, the Academy held interviews for PQSB Applicants at its premises in Ramallah and at Al-Aqsa University premises in Gaza. The interviews were held by six different scientific committees in the following areas; namely

  • Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences Committee 
  • Business Administration, Economics and Financial Sciences Committee
  • Engineering Committee 
  • Health Sciences Committee 
  • Information and Communication Technology Committee 
  • Science Committee

The six scientific committees are comprised of the Advisory and Steering Committees of Palestine Quebec Science Bridge PQSB, in addition to faculty members from various Palestinian Universities.

Based on the evaluation results from the six scientific committees, 40 candidates have passed the interview and selection criteria and additional 24 applicants have been placed in the waiting list, should further fund becomes available. The selection was from amongst 83 applicants in various specialized fields from health sciences; natural sciences and engineering; and social sciences, humanities, and arts.

Third call participants

Name Institution
Al Nassr Pediatric Hospital (Ministry of Health)
  • Ahmed Al Afifi
Al-Aqsa University
  • Rifaa Alkhozondar    
  • Yarob Kullab    
  • Ahed Helles    
  • Aledin Alsayed    
Al-Quds University
An-Najah National University
  • Muath karaki    
  • Mohammad Abuabiah    
  • Bayan Khalaf    
  • Loai Aburaida
  • Mohammad Othman 
Bethlehem University
  • Jamil Khader    
  • Zeinalabideen Awawdeh 
Birzeit University
  • Suhail Sultan    
  • Ismail Khater    
  • Ghadir Awad 
Gaza University
  • Ammar Elqidra
Hebron University
  • Mohammed Qaisiya    
  • Omar Abu Abed 
Islamic University of Gaza
  • Moayed Almobaied    
  • Nahed Elkhalidy    
  • Joma Alaydi    
  • Mohamed Riffi    
  • Sofyan Taya 
Israa University
  • Aymen Elsous
Ministry of Education
  • Nuha Shawahna    
  • Kinan Al-Namourah   
  • Ahmed Faraj 
Palestine Ahliya University
  • Ahmad Hasasneh
Palestine Polytechnic University
  • Raed Amro    
  • Mohammed Jabari    
  • Hassan Sawalha     
  • Mohammed Alwawi 
Palestine Technical College- Deir El-Balah
  • Ezzaldeen Edwan
Palestine technical university-Kadoorie
  • Jafar Daoud
University College of Applied Sciences
  • Luay Qrenawi    
  • Shadi Abudalfa
  • Mohammed Salem
University College of Science and Technology
  • Mohammed Abualhaj
University of Palestine
  • Ibrahim Alshaikh
World Health Organization- Palestinian National Institute of Public Health
  • Mahmoud Radwan
Al Azhar University
  • Ali Awad