PALAST hosted “Engineering for Kids “foundation in its final meeting of “mission to Mars" camp

PALAST hosted “Engineering for Kids “foundation in its final meeting of “mission to Mars" camp

20 July, 2022

Palestine Academy has hosted the “Engineering for Kids “foundation in its final meeting of the “mission to Mars” camp for participating children besides their parents, as well as giving them their certification of this program. In addition, PALAST and Engineering for Kids hosted virtually the Palestinian engineer Loay El-basyouni for an interview, who works at Nasa and participate in the manufacture of Ingenuity at Nasa. 

Eng. El-Basyouni took kids with him and attendees in an exciting lecture about his experience and his participation in designing the first helicopter (ingenuity) to fly over Mars, which is controlled by NASA at a distance of more than 225 million kilometers, Besides, taking part in a debate with the junior engineers about; the Ingenuity in terms of its technical and substantive side, stages of manufacture, and the problems faced by the engineering team at NASA. All in favor of broaden the junior engineers understanding in everything related to space, especially Mars.

It has been concluded with an astronomical evening in cooperation with Nova for Astronomy & Space Science, where they have monitored the moon by using telescopes. This was accompanied by an introduction to astronomy and space sciences with Nova foundation.