Strategic Goals


  • Strengthen the Palestinian science, technology, research and innovation ecosystem and coordinate and synchronize national efforts across key sectors
  • Advocate the creation of legal, policy and regulatory frameworks that are conducive to and supportive of innovation, research commercialization and knowledge transfer
  • Increase and rationalize investment in basic and applied scientific research and strengthen the capacity of researchers and research institutions
  • Cultivate a culture of research ethics and research excellence
  • Elevate the status of science and scientists in Palestine and cultivate societal awareness and appreciation of science especially amongst youth
  • Contribute to the development of national and sectoral STI strategies, policies and plans
  • Deploy scientific capacities and expertise at home and in diaspora to address strategic national challenges and issues
  • Engage scientists at home and diaspora effectively in building a thriving, vibrant, resilient and sustainable Palestine
  • Place Palestine on the world science map


In pursuit of its goals, the Academy will undertake the following functions:

  • Represent the state of Palestine in relevant science and technology international and regional forums and networks
  • Advise government, the legislative council and other stakeholders on science, technology and innovation issues and contribute to the development of national and sectoral plans
  • Stimulate and support synergies and collaborative linkages between various actors of the STI ecosystem.
  • Contribute to the development of national research clusters and R&D centers and optimize the utilization of available resources
  • Coordinate national efforts towards the establishment of bilateral and multilateral collaborative agreements with other countries in priority areas of interest
  • Engage Palestinian expatriate scientists effectively in building the STI capacity of their homeland
  • Assist in the formation of specialized scientific societies and committees in various fields of knowledge, in accordance with international standards and best practices in the field
  • Contribute to the establishment of specialized development and scientific research centers, technological parks and smart villages
  • Establish national databases and networks that adopt information systems and technology, to meet the needs and requirements of scholars and specialists in different sectors
  • Periodically monitor the status of scientific research, technology and innovation via the Science, Technology and Innovation Observatory (STIO), and employ the generated data to derive rationalization and planning for the relevant sectors
  • Develop policy tools intended to stimulate effective and sustainable partnerships between academic institutions and research centers and relevant public and private sector institutions
  • Acknowledge and honor outstanding Palestinian contributions in the various fields of science and technology
  • Promote and rationalize the use of external funding opportunities for research projects, and support intellectual property protection